A film on Climate Change, Degrowth and System Change

The effects and risks of climate change are compelling young people the world round to call upon radical system change as the only solution to avoid a catastrophic collapse.
Fairytales of Growth looks at the role economic growth has had in bringing about this crisis, and explores the alternatives to it, offering a vision of hope for the future and a better life for all within planetary boundaries.



Fairytales of Growth has screened in India (Tata Institue of Social Sciences, L'Age D'Or International Arthouse Film Festival), Portugal (Umundu Lx Festival), Spain (Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona, Associació GENS, Servei Civil Internacional), Austria (Vienna International Degrowth Conference), Saudi Arabia (King Abdullah University of Science and Technology), England (XR Occupy Imperial), Scotland (Leith Community Crops and Pots), Sweden (Lund University Degrowth Reading Group) and the USA (Amazing Earthfest!).

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