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Fairytales of Growth began in 2018 when Pierre was thinking of what do to as a final master project that would be distinct from a written thesis and have the potential to reach out to many. An educator by trade, this was his first feature-length documentary which he produced over the course of 18 months with the professional help of music producers and animators - all of whom have worked on the project completely voluntarily.

We would like to continue what Fairytales of Growth has started - producing more audio-visual content that looks at the root causes of the present socio-environmental crisis and offers alternatives to it.

We are currently planning two new projects:

  1. A series of short and accessible videos covering key topics aimed at galvanizing calls for system change

  2. A film on the origins of Fridays for Future Barcelona and how it has affected the region's stance towards climate change


We can't do this alone.

Editing takes an excruciating amount of time, and we would like to be in a position to remunerate the work that goes on behind the scenes of any audio-visual production, especially the artwork, music and animation that bring life to the stories, ideas and visions shared on screen.

By donating even just a small amount (per month or as a one-off gift) will go a long way in supporting our work and ensuring we can dedicate time to creating new content. We use the non-profit open-source donating platform Liberapay which ensures safe transactions and accountability.

If you are in a position to contribute to this work, please consider donating what you can to Fairytales of Growth by clicking here or on the Donate button below.

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