Pierre Smith Khanna

Pierre Smith Khanna is a historian and political scientist based in Barcelona. Formerly a humanities teacher in an alternative international boarding school (Brockwood Park), Pierre has a deep interest in education and encountering novel ways in which students and teachers can learn together in an environment free of fear and competition. Fairytales of Growth is the product of a Masters in Political Ecology, Degrowth and Environmental Justice at the Autonomous University of Bacelona, which inspired him to produce a film that could explain in simple terms some of these important learnings.

Pierre is also a member of the academic collective Research and Degrowth and is co-coordinating the MA Political Ecology, Degrowth and Environmental Justice 2020-2021. You can follow some of his writing and photography on his website.


Rani Khanna

Rani Khanna is an independent filmmaker based in London, with French and Indian origins. She has a background in fine art & photography, and is a free spirit and social activist.

She graduated with a BA in film and video from LCC, University of the Arts, London, 1995. Since then she has been making documentaries addressing minority rights, social issues, health and the arts for broadcast, educational bodies and NGOs.

She teaches on the MA in Diversity and the Media at the University of Westminster, covering the representation of gender, sexuality, LGBTQ+, disability and ageism in the media. She also delivers and facilitates filmmaking workshops as well as the unique concept of 'Shake your Gift' workshops. She works internationally between Russia, India and the USA. Rani founded You & Eye Films in 2008.


Oliver King

The Gemini Moon Collective, also known as Olie, is a singer/songwriter and music producer from the UK. He has been writing and producing music for almost fifteen years and continues to dip in and out of the industry as and when needed. Olie is also a keen educator, with deep interest in educating the whole human being.

You can follow the Gemini Moon Collective on YouTube, Instagram @geminimooncollective and Spotify


Isra Studios

Isra Studios was set up by Myrdin Isra Steenkamp, a multi-disciplined motion graphic producer who grew up in The Netherlands, Haarlem. Myrdin started further developing his creative side when he went to Brockwood Park School in England for three years. He is currently back in Holland creating animation.

You can follow Myrdin on YouTube @ IsraStudios and Insta @ Myrdin_Steenkamp



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